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Hello everyone! My name is Ricardo Alvarez and I am a new teacher. I am very excited and motivated to teach and learn along side everyone and to have a great experience this year. I have a very diverse back ground in instruction and education. I was an air cadet for many years as a teenager and I was given the chance to earn my glider pilot license. I was also very involved with summer survival camps. On my spare time I like to skateboard and read poetry. Recently, I joined a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club which I am currently competing with. I went to York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Teachers college was one of the greatest experiences of my life as it has shown me that my true passion in life is to teach. I am very lucky to have been given the chance to show this enthusiasm with you all and I look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Catholic Faith

In a diverse community it is very important for us to know and feel how much we need and rely on eachother. In this next clip you will see a man talking about life in a clever way. As catholics we can sometimes lose touch of our spiritual sides. Watch this clip and enjoy!

Notice how he uses math to explain his spirituality. I TOLD you math was everywhere!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This week we learned about flight and all the useful things humans have built that can fly! I am a glider pilot myself so have a great appreciation for planes and different aircrafts. Instead of just talking and reading about how things fly I found a special interactive video that you can all watch. 

By clicking here you can explore Bernoulli's principle of lift and learned more in depth how air moves across a surface to create lift. Enjoy!!!  

We are not alone!

Part of being a good citizen and a human being is understanding that we are not alone in this world. Our actions have consequences and rewards. This week we learned about diferent species and eco-systems that reside around the world. Unfortunately our text books don't ahve ALL the information that we can use to understand all different types of eco-systems. Fortunately I found a website that allows your to further your knowledge on the different biomes on Earth! Click here and EXPLORE!

Math is all around us!

I can tell in class that not everyone is as enthusiastic about math as I am! Well that is going to change! One awesome way I have thought of how to do tis is relating math with our science unit! As you know in sceince we are learning about planes and flight. This next link will allow you to explore many different ways in which math can be applied to the real world. Click here and explore some activities!

Decimals and Fractions

This week we have been looking at decimals and fractions. Some of you have mentioned that the worksheets are boring and not fun. Althought worksheets are an important part of math I have decided that since our class has been behaving nicely through the week I would post a simple little game to make math a bit more fun! Click the next link to play the game. This is all we have for homework for the weekend. How awesome is that!? SHHHH don't tell the other class!

Click here to accept this challenge!

Welcome Parents and Students

Welcome grade 6's and parents!

I am extremely excited to starts the year and finaly get cracking at the books!. I know you've all a wonderful summer but now its time for the real fun to start! As i have said in my profile I have a very structured and team oriented background with the cadet organization. I think of my class as a team because it will be a very inclusive and informative environment. We, as teachers, parents and students will be the most important team of your lives. Education means a great deal to me so I will expect the same from my students. I am the team leader as the teacher of the class but my role is no more integral than any of yours. I also have high expectations from you all so I know I will see eager and motivated students on the first day! 

Now parents, this team is nothing without your cooperation! I will be keeping in touch with you through phoncalls, agenda entries, and interviews. If those seem to be cumbersome at times don't worry. I am confident that you will all be checking this blog daily to see whats new and exciting in the class room.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at janricrdo8@hotmail.com. Here are a few websites that may be helpful in getting to know what our goals are as catholic teachers and our goals and expectaions from our students.

Team Motto
To learn - To serve - To advance

Mr. Alvarez